25 janvier 2010

India Tour: The Exotic Coastal South

An India Tours to the southern coasts is a rejuvenating experience, a treat of natural beauty, a glimpse of the most outstanding architectural forms, an insight into one of the most vibrant cultures and traditions, knowledge of several glorious kingdoms.

Comprising the beautiful states like Kerala, Pondicherry, Chennai, Andaman and Nicobar Island, Lakshadweep, Tamil Nadu, a vacation to South India is an exploration of architectural genius and the ruins of royal adobes. The palm beaches that form the periphery of the Indian peninsula are the most attractive element of this tour. The south India is also very popular amongst the foreign tourists for its handiworks and the age old Ayurveda. South India is not just about palms, coconuts and beaches, it has some of the most frequently visited hill stations of India that offer a perfect weather for a holiday. The south India tour operators offer various options for accommodation which maintain international standards. South India has some of the best luxury hotels and resorts that offer a lush and relaxing experience. It has one of the most incredible tourist destinations of India with many captivating attractions. Surrounded by the Arabian Sea on the southwest; Bay of Bengal on the southeast; and the mighty Indian Ocean, South Indian coastal states form the boundary of the Indian peninsula.

Following is a brief description of the popular tourist states of South India:

Kerala: This southernmost state of the Indian subcontinent has a pristine aura about itself, calm beaches, gushing backwaters and the warmth of the hosts is simply a delight for a tourist.
Tamil Nadu: It is one of the most important states of south India with numerous architectural marvels. The Meenakshi Temple is the most popular tourist destination of art lovers from all over the world. Other major attractions of this exotic tourist state are the wildlife, hill stations, caves, ruined forts, beaches and several pilgrimage sites.
Karnataka: Holding its own unique charm, this destination is renowned for its Hampi ruins. Also explore its bewitching attractions like temples, wildlife, beaches and caves.
Pondicherry: Formerly a French Colony this beautiful state’s peace and warmth leaves indelible imprints on your mind. The most attractive element of this Union territory of India is that it is thinly populated and therefore it is the ultimate destination for tourists who seek to relish in the calm and composed tropical land.
Andhra Pradesh: This is one of the royal states of India as it was formerly a Princely State. The capital city is a significant metropolitan attraction, famous for the delicious ‘Hyderabadi Birayani’ and ‘Pearls’. The state has a distinctive wildlife with many sanctuaries spread all over. It has many famous waterfalls and lakes in the midst of abundant forests and hillsides.
The South India tours offer many incredible packages for unforgettable journeys to some of the best beaches and fabulous accommodations.

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